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What problems does this/you improve?

  • Low Energy
  • Inability to lose weight
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Gastric health
  • Feeling of well being
  • Concentration
  • Memory
  • Dry Skin
  • Hair Loss 
  • Feeling Cold all the time


Follow our 5 Step Process to Get Great Results!


  1. Complete Thyroid hormone assessment
  2. Thyroid labs interpretation
  3. Symptom analysis
  4. Thyroid action/optimization strategies
  5. Follow up and reassessment on thyroid action/optimization plan


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Is Your Thyroid Optimized?

Many people suffer from weight gain, depression and loss of energy and wonder if part or all of it could be thyroid disease. Is there such things as thyroid weight management? Could my thyroid help me with weight loss? Thoughts of more energy and how to improve weight loss and mood often lead to internet searches to find supplements that might improve these symptoms. Questions like do I have thyroid disease? Is your thyroid optimized? Is my thyroid why I can not improve weight loss? Lead to doctor visits to discuss how to manage weight loss, improve energy and mood. Medical professionals will frequently include lab testing that includes your thyroid function as part of the work up to come up with a diagnosis.



What is Thyroid Disease?

Your thyroid is the main gland that controls the energy production for every cell in our body. It does this by secreting thyroid hormone to each cell to increase metabolism to a higher level. Essentially, it acts like the accelerator in your car, when pushed down at the right level our cars will maintain a safe consistent speed on the road. When our thyroid is functioning correctly it will maintain the body’s ability to produce energy consistently which is what helps us maintain a normal metabolism, normal mood, and consistent energy level. This keeps our hair and skin looking fresh and our memory and brain power at its max.

When the accelerator is pushed down too far, the body can speed up and lead to minor problems such as heart palpitations, diarrhea, increased sweating and even more severe life threatening concerns. This is called an over active thyroid or hyperthyroidism. When the accelerator is not pushed down far enough, our body becomes sluggish and less responsive. This leads to symptoms of depression, slow thinking, weight gain, loss of energy, hair loss, dry skin, constipation, and feeling cold. This is an underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism. Most people with thyroid disease have an underactive gland that requires thyroid replacement therapy with daily capsules.

Both under and over active thyroid require medical treatment to improve and optimize symptoms. Proper thyroid optimization can reverse your symptoms and reduce the potential damage that can occur to your body over time from thyroid disease.



How do I check my thyroid levels?

In eastern North Carolina, people will go to an internal medicine physician or endocrinology Greenville NC specialist to discuss their symptoms. As part of that discussion many labs may be taken. However, the labs that check and focus on the thyroid function include TSH, T3 and T4 hormones. Without checking all three hormones, a full assessment of your thyroid can not be made. The question whether or not you have thyroid disease and need thyroid therapy is left unanswered without knowing the level of all three thyroid hormones. Once all three of these thyroid hormone levels are known and combined with your individual symptoms, the process to determine if you have thyroid disease can begin. If you find out your thyroid is underactive, also called hypothyroidism, thyroid replacement therapy can begin. If your thyroid is overactive, you have hyperthyroidism, and other testing may be needed to determine the cause and best treatment strategies.



What if my thyroid levels are normal?

Can I still have thyroid disease if my thyroid labs are normal? I still have symptoms of fatigue, low energy, inability to lose weight, and my mood is not where I would like it to be. My hair is coming out and my skin feels dry, especially when I feel cold. If you fall into this category, the answer to this question is “possibly.” If your thyroid labs come back in the normal range, that usually means that your symptoms are likely coming from something else.

However, normal thyroid labs do not completely exclude your thyroid hormones as a cause of your concerns. Symptoms of fatigue, low energy, inability to lose weight, and mood changes, dry skin, and cold intolerance can occur early in thyroid disease before lab levels of hormones have had time to change. In addition, the ability to precisely test for thyroid function of active hormone at the cell level where it matters most is very limited. Thus, discussing your individual situation with a medical professional familiar with thyroid optimization like an internal medicine physician or endocrinologist Greenville NC is key to knowing if your thyroid is part of what is causing your symptoms.


What thyroid hormones are best?

If you have an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism), this is an important and common question. Not all thyroid hormones are created equally. Therefore, each kind of thyroid replacement therapy hormone can be better suited for different thyroid disease states.

There are two types of thyroid hormone in our body: T3 and T4. T3 hormone is much more active in the cell to increase metabolism and energy production in our body. T4 hormone is much less active in the cell to increase metabolism and energy. However, our thyroid can only tell our cells to produce T4 hormone, not the T3 hormone. It is the individual cells that are required to take the T4 hormone and convert it to the much more active T3 hormone. This is what improves the energy and metabolism of each cell and organ. This frequently leads to more energy, improved memory, possible weight loss and better feeling of mood and well being.

There are many different options of thyroid hormone replacement on the market. Some are synthetic, others come from animal products like pigs (porcine) and are called desiccated thyroid hormone. The advantages of desiccated thyroid hormones is that these products allow you and your physician to optimize both T4 and T3 hormones. Synthetic thyroid hormone typically only provides one hormone, T4 which can limit its effectiveness to improve symptoms in certain situations. This is why not everyone feels better or 100% when taking just T4 thyroid hormones like Synthroid.

Currently the most widely prescribed thyroid replacement therapies are T4 hormones like Synthroid and its generics. This does not mean it is the best thyroid hormone for every individual. Synthroid and its generics are strictly a T4 only thyroid replacement strategy. This means it relies on each cell’s ability to turn it into the more active T3 hormone to produce the symptom relieving changes. If your cell just needs a wake up call to produce more thyroid hormone this is great. But sometimes the cell has trouble making the T3 hormone from T4 and thus one of the most commonly prescribed thyroid hormones does not fully improve symptoms. This is where T3 replacement hormone can be helpful to improve those unwanted symptoms of fatigue, depressed mood and inability to lose weight.

Desiccated thyroid medications give you both T3 and T4 thyroid hormones in one capsule. This is advantageous as it is T3 is the actual hormone that improves your symptoms of depression, slow thinking, weight gain, loss of energy, hair loss, dry skin, constipation, and feeling cold. But since it has T4 combined with the T3, your body is less likely to get over-stimulated while taking it as long as your levels are monitored by an internal medicine or Endocrinologist Greenville, NC.


What is thyroid optimization?

Do you want more energy? At Viva Med we look at the whole patient, not just lab results. Thyroid optimization is combining a thorough disease work up to come up with a diagnosis based on your individual symptoms and lab results. If you have thyroid disease we then discuss the likelihood of the thyroid’s role in your symptoms. We will come up with an individualized approach to optimize your thyroid hormones and your symptoms. Once our plan is implemented, and you begin your individualized thyroid hormone plan, we follow up and at set intervals to determine how you feel and how your labs have changed. If needed, changes are made to better optimize results, and your path to more energy, mental clarity, improved mood, and better metabolism becomes easier. Real weight loss becomes a possibility again.


Are there any dangers to thyroid optimization?

Like many other diseases, there are risks to treating a particular disease and risks to not treating a particular disease. Similarly, if you have a dysfunctioning thyroid that is not properly optimized, the risk of doing nothing vrs properly optimizing your thyroid should be discussed with a physician in Internal Medicine or endocrinology Greenville NC. The risk of not addressing or optimizing your thyroid could lead to fatigue, poor energy, weight gain, constipation, slow thinking and confusion. Rarely in severe cases even coma and death. The benefits of properly optimizing your thyroid include more energy, better mood, improved chances of weight loss, and better mental clarity. Not to mention better hair and skin!

At Viva Med our internal medicine specialist has developed a plan to properly listen, diagnose, and detect thyroid dysfunction. Our thyroid optimization plan includes all your office visits, labs, nursing visits and discussion with an emphasis on safely improving your thyroid related symptoms. We will work with you to achieve your energy, mood, and weight loss goals. You don’t have to visit an endocrinologist in Greenville NC just to get specialized thyroid care, as Viva Med specializes in thyroid optimization and thyroid replacement therapy for men and women!