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Billed each month @ $60, which gives you a 1 hour massage each month. Unused months can be redeemed for up to 6 months so if you are out of town or busy one month, no sweat, we got you covered!! Once you have a massage membership all additional Massages that month can be booked at membership pricing. Account must be uptodate to get membership rates.

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New Client Special Member Price Non-Member
30 Min ONLY $1!! $35 $45
60 Min $35 $60 $75
90 Min $55 $90 $110

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Aroma Therapy Members: $5 Non-Members: $8
Hot Stones Members: $12 Non-Members: $16
Cold Stones Members: $12 Non-Members: $16
Topical Pain Relief Members: $5 Non-Members: $8


All Viva Med Concierge Members in good standing receive membership pricing from the top massage Greenville NC provider!

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Massage therapy is not just a luxury. There are a lot of benefits to getting a massage. Massage can help heal sore muscles. Your massage therapist will ask any medical information that is pertinent to your massage. Some of these things include what areas are bothering you, and prior injuries.

The AMTA, american massage therapy association, gives the top 25 reasons to get a massage as follows: Relieve stress, relieve postoperative pain, reduce anxiety, manage low-back pain, help fibromyalgia pain, reduce muscle tension, enhance exercise performance, relieve tension headaches, sleep better, ease symptoms of depression, improve cardiovascular health, reduce pain of osteoarthritis, decrease stress in cancer patients, improve balance in older adults, decrease rheumatoid arthritis pain, temper effects of dementia, promote relaxation, lower blood pressure, decrease symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, hellp chronic neck pain, lower joint replacement pain, increase range of motion, decrease migraine frequency, improve quality of life in hospice care, and reduce chemotherapy-related nausea.

Massage Greenville NC therapy has lots of benefits for those who play sports. Playing sports can cause aches and pains. Massage therapy can help with the recovery of sprained ankles, muscle spasms, or even twisted knees to name a few. Massage Therapy has been shown to help improve performance by reducing aches and pains. Massage can help an athlete recover quicker from injuries. Massage has also been shown to reduce inflammation. It can help prevent injuries by keeping the body’s tissues healthy. Massage helps with pain reduction and muscle tension. It can help with muscle stiffness and fatigue also. It can help increase the body’s range of motion. By encouraging blood flow and relaxing muscles massage helps the body pump more oxygen and nutrients into tissue and organs. This can help facilitate the healing process. By allowing the injured area to become more flexible it can heal at an accelerated rate. Some of the different types of massages that help with sports related injuries include the swedish massage and the deep tissue massage.

Swedish massage is one of the most common types of massage Greenville NC. This is sometimes the best massage to start with. During the massage session the therapist works with the muscles and soft tissues in the body to help restore health and balance. The result is relaxation of the muscles in your body and release of pain and tension. This is great for anyone who is feeling over-worked and stressed out to help them relax their mind and body. It relieves muscle tension, relaxes and energizes. A lubrication such as a massage oil or lotion is used with various massage strokes. This can break down knots in tissues also. The swedish massage can help improve function of your lymph system by relaxing your muscles. The lymph system flushes out metabolic waste from your muscles. It helps you heal faster. The swedish massage therapy helps relieve tension that has built up. The touch of the skin during the massage also can help relax you and clear your mind. If you are feeling run down or even depressed this can help. It can also promote better sleep.

Deep tissue massage is a massage Greenville NC that uses firm pressure and slow stokes to reach deeper layers of muscle. It helps with chronic pain, limited range of motion, and inflammation. It is used to break up knots that may be disrupting circulation or causing pain, inflammation, or limited range of motion. Deep tissue massage usually focuses on a specific problem, such as chronic muscle pain, injury, or other specific condition. Low back pain, limited mobility, whiplash, falls, strains, tension in hamstrings, legs, upper back, sciatica, tennis elbow, and upper back and neck pain. Sometimes during the deep tissue massage you may fells some discomfort or pain. You can let the therapist know if this happens so that they may adjust their technique. The therapist may use fingertips, knuckles, hands, elbows, and forearms during the massage. After the massage you may feel some soreness or stiffness. This usually subsides within a day or so. Drinking water after the massage helps flush metabolic waste from your tissues.

Massage Greenville NC can help improve symptoms in those who suffer from tension headaches. Pain with contracting muscles in face, scalp, jaw, and neck. Jaw clenching and anxiety can trigger headaches also. Massage can help reduce these symptoms and decrease the frequency of of tension headaches.

Massage can help you improve your posture also. Stiffness can occur from typing on a computer or working at a desk during the work day. You may have stiffness in your neck, back or shoulders. Improved circulation from a massage can help your muscles heal faster.

Massage Greenville NC can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression. It can also help you sleep better. While getting a massage, your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and skin are manipulated to give you a relaxed feeling. This can help physically and psychologically. Getting a massage can help you improve and control blood pressure. It can also help improve your skin tone, appearance of stretch marks and scars.

Some other types of massages are hot and cold stone massages. Cold stone massage can provide a deep state of relaxation, a release of tension, and reduction of swelling and inflammation, trauma, or injury. Cold stones decrease soreness. Marble is used because it is less dense and removes the heat from the body. They can alleviate anxiety and depression, sinusitis, high blood pressure, and fatigue. Each stone is crafted to perform a specific task.

Hot stone massage is used also for deep relaxation and to help warm up tight muscles for those who utilize massage Greenville NC on a regular basis. For a hot stone massage the stones are heated in a bath of 120 to 150 degree water. The stones retain heat well. The stones are various shapes and sizes. Some common areas for stone placement are the spine, palms of hand, or even feet.

Getting a massage Greenville NC can make you happy. People who get a massage on a regular basis may feel more focussed and relaxed. By committing to a massage program you can help accelerate the recovery process after injuries, and help with relaxation.

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