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Your Therapeutic Massage Includes These Benefits:

  • 1 Massage Icon Positive MoodSignificantly reduces stress and anxiety
  • 1 Massage Icon Improves CirculationImproves blood circulation and flow of energy
  • 1 Massage Icon Improves SkinReleases built up toxins and improves skin appearance
  • 1 Massage Joint FlexibilityRelieves muscle spasms, pain, tension, and improves muscle relaxation
  • 1 Massage Icon Better SleepHelps promote better sleep
  • 1 Massage Joint FlexibilityHelps to increase joint flexibility
  • 1 Massage Icon Positive MoodImproves positive mood and well being
  • 1 Massage Icon Comfort WarmthHelps create sense of comfort and warmth

Why People Love Viva Med Massages

Add on These Services for a Nominal Fee:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Hot Stones
  • Cold Stones
  • Topical Pain Relief (Bio-freeze)
  • Extend Your Massage to 60 or 90 Minutes

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