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Body and Cellulite Contouring: Body FX

When Things Arent Smooth

Body FX combines radio frequency energy and vacuum suction to reduce cellulite, tighten skin, and shrink fat deposits. Typically it takes 4-6 sessions to achieve maximal results. Finally a way to tighten those problem areas, such as the baby bulge, love handles, thigh gaps, and so much more you have been looking for.

There are no complications that require additional medical management. Body FX offers a safe and effective option for the non-invasive management of both focal fat excess and cellulite. The basic Radio Frequency and High Voltage pulses appear to result in a long-term, proportional death of fat tissue! That’s right fat death!

Treat yourself to the body you have always wanted, but taking care areas that exercise just don’t seem to tighten up. Average waist reduction is between 1-2 inches. Imagine the clothes you could be fitting into now!

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