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Here at Viva med, we are highly interested in the health and longevity of your life. We offer a multitude of services to assist you in your healthcare journey as well as make sure that any aesthetic desires you have weaknesses about as well. We are located in Greenville North Carolina and have a primary care physician on staff to meet with patients for any of your typical routine medical checkups or for all other needs you may have for a doctor.

A lot of times as women there are issues that arise after we give birth or simply get older. Menopause and childbearing can put a lot of strain on our internal organs and intimate areas. Sometimes these issues can be a little embarrassing to talk about were honestly just disheartening or frustrating to live with considering it makes it hard or even impossible to live a normal “dry” or “non-leaky” life. They can most often interfere with the intimacy of spouses. This can sometimes lead to a struggling marriage or sometimes even, sadly, a broken one. At Viva med, we are here to assist you with those situations and help to get you back on the right track both as your own independent self and with your spouse as well.

Votiva Greenville NC is a safe and effective treatment for feminine health. We offer this treatment at Viva med. You can browse our website or give us a call for a brochure about the treatment as well as for pricing. If your concerns include but are not limited to low pelvic floor strength or tone, elasticity, blood flow, low sensitivity, pain or, low “mojo”, then the motive and maybe just exactly what you were looking for.

You can visit with one of our providers and they can assist with getting information about the stream as well as going over the benefits that it can provide for both you and your spouse. This treatment is not just for problems of the intimate sort. It also assists with bladder leakage and rejuvenation of your feminine organs. We have reviews posted on our website and one patient is quoted as saying that her treatment with Votiva has “turned the clock back at least 20 years”.

If you would like more information about Votiva Greenville NC then give us a call and we will assist you in getting all the information that you need as well as preparing a plan of treatment for your specific needs. You can browse online for our pricing and pressure as well as give us a call in the office or visit us in person we are located in Greenville North Carolina. We can be reached at 252-329-8482. Or visit our website at www.myvivamed.com. We also have social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. If you are suffering from this extremely common issue of feminine health, then don’t hesitate. There is nothing embarrassing about taking control of your health and we want to help!

Votiva Greenville Nc | How Can We Assist You With Votiva?

When you are looking for Votiva Greenville NC then you have found the right place at Viva med. We know that not all women in symptoms and issues are easy to talk about or fun to think about, but we are here and ready to help and everyone I patients to feel embarrassed or ashamed of what they’re going through. We have an on-site primary care physician as well as other staff who can assist and are ready to help you on your path to a healthier and happier self as well as family life. We have located North Carolina and office out of Greenville.

Are you someone who struggles with women’s health issues? Have you had children or menopause, or are just simply aging then give us a call and schedule of reconstitution with our providers today. We can help with the way that you view not only your general health but feminine health as well. We offer a specific treatment for women you have suffered symptoms often left by childbirth and aging. These symptoms include low interest in intimacy, pain, low blood flow and more. If you have any of these concerns or others, then we can certainly assist you.

If you have heard of Votiva Greenville NC then here Viva med we have got just that treatment. We want all of our patients to feel as though there every concern has been addressed. With Votiva, our female patients can rest assured that their feminine issues are being treated. Votiva helps with returning the sensitivity, blood flow, elasticity, strength, and interest in seeing to your individual self as well as with your partner. The treatment is painless and easy and it rejuvenates all of your female organs so you can feel better, lives easier, and know that your marriage or partnership has been in the care of in a way that you may not have been possible.

It’s not it was easy to talk about these kinds of situations is something that a woman should feel ashamed of or embarrassed. A vastly incredible amount of women suffer from these issues daily and a lot of times they are not taking care of because either they do not know that treatment exists to help, or they simply are too embarrassed to speak to someone about it. But at Viva med we never want you to feel ashamed and we never want you to feel embarrassed. These things are normal and we have the treatment to help you feel in charge of your feminine health again.

When you are searching for Votiva Greenville NC, then give us a call today or visit our website. We have services and pricing brochure on our website so that you will know exactly what it cost you for the treatment as well as what other services that we offer we have a vast multitude of provisions for our clients in all areas of healthcare and aesthetic procedures. We can be reached at 252-329-8482. Or you can browse our website and fill out our contact information so we can contact you directly. Don’t wait, call us today!