When you need to find top primary care physician Greenville, NC then look no further than Viva Med. We offer a fully inclusive medical facility where we can offer assistance to most all of your healthcare needs. We have ascetic services as well so we can assist with body sculpting, contouring and the like. There is no other place where you want to send yourself or your family members for any of your healthcare needs. We also have a primary care physician on-site who can receive routine checkups or any other medical visits as well.

It can always be extremely hard to decide where to take an elderly parent or grandparent for medical services. It can be just as hard to decide where to take your children. We want the utmost care for the people that we love and at Viva med, it is never a question whether your loved ones or yourself are cared for. It is our goal and intention to make sure that every patient of ours is taking care of down to the smallest detail. We want our experience with you to be a positive one and one where you walk away knowing that you are cared about and known.

We are the top primary care physician Greenville, NC and we believe that you will want to continue all of your healthcare journeys with us along with the journeys of the people that you love as well. We take pride in what we do and all of our services are done by trained and licensed professionals who are skilled in their craft. We offer a concierge member type of approach to our return clients and have discounts for our services for our members as well as faster appointment times.

If you’d like a concierge package for your massage therapy, then you can pay $60 a month and received one 60 minute massage monthly. Should you not use a message in a month, you can roll it over for up to six months. You can also add on for massage therapy with services like aromatherapy and stones. We also have topical relief for your therapy add-on. These can benefit anyone and if you have older family members this may be something you want to inquire about for them, or for yourself as well.

At Viva med, we believe that you have found the best when looking for Top Primary Care Physician Greenville, Nc and see when you book with us. We look out for you. You tell us what your healthcare goals and aspirations are and we make sure that you reach them. Through all of our different services and the opportunities that we give you to succeed in the services, we will make sure that your healthcare journey is a bright and positive and ultimately successful one. Call us at 252-329-8482 or visit us at www.myvivamed.com. You can book a free consultation for any of our services either by calling or by visiting us online. You can find us on social media as well on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Browse through our video reviews and give us a call and become one a member today!

Top Primary Care Physician Greenville, Nc | We Are The Best And You Know It!

If your search for top primary care physician Greenville, NC has left you disappointed and lacking in the healthcare field then you have obviously not visited Viva med. We are the best in our industry and we offer a comprehensive list of services and opportunities for you to reach your healthcare in ascetic desires. We have an on-staff primary care physician who can assist you with all routine medical checkups as well as any other medical needs that you may have. We also offer an immense array of different services for ascetic improvement.

We have a concierge-type member package for our clients where you can become a member for a monthly fee and receive discount prices for services as well as faster appointment times more options for our services. For instance, if you become a massage member then you can pay $60 a month and receive a monthly one hour massage. Should you skip a month then you can roll that message over for up to six months later. You can also add on to your massage therapy appointment with aromatherapy, hot stones or cold stones, and topical pain relief. This can be great for those who are constantly on their feet or lifting heavy objects.

We have the Top Primary Care Physician Greenville, Nc and see in our office. Dr. Christopher lacrosse is a board-certified doctor of internal medicine and has his bachelor’s in cellular biology. He believes all of his clients should have access to affordable and quality healthcare. He will treat any of his patients regardless of that they have insurance or not. He also offers his phone as 24-hour access for his clients to him so that should anyone have an emergency or not be able to come to the office to have a need that needs to be addressed then he can assist. He is not your typical primary care physician, because he goes above and beyond to ensure that his patients feel listened to and provided for.

We also offer body sculpting, body contouring, laser hair removal, Lomecca beauty care, and a multitude of other ascetic services. You can browse our list online or give us a call and one of our representatives can assist you in deciding which of our services is best for you. You can also receive a free consultation for any of these products and speak with a professional as to how we can best serve you and your healthcare needs.

Your journey to self-care is at the top of our priority list. We believe that you should love yourself as you are but we also that a healthier and happier body is vital to a longer and happier life. We want to help you achieve that. We’re the best in the business and once you visit with us or browse through our patient reviews on YouTube, then you will agree. You can visit our Top Primary Care Physician Greenville, Nc Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5 PM, or you can give us a call at 252-3290 42. You can visit our website at www.myvivamed.com where you can submit your information we will contact you directly. Your health is vital and we want to help you increase it.