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Do you constantly have a lot of different things that you were thinking about it once? Do all of those dresses and things make your heart race sometimes you don’t know why? Well here at massage Greenville NC we have a in-house position that can help check out the different symptoms for you. Massage Greenville NC has a doctor in house that is able to diagnose all types of different issues and figure out a treatment plan just for you. Give us a call today if you’d like some customizable care for the doctor.

Many people all over this country have issues with their heart and heart disease is on a rise when our country eats so many and healthy foods and has such a lack of exercise. It is a very important thing that doctors must look for and make sure that you do not have heart disease or if you are starting to show the beginning signs of it. If you were starting to feel like something could be off with your heart rate or it’s just something feels strange whenever you exercise you need to let your doctor know immediately.

Here at my Viva Med art doctor in house will take a look at you and figure out if this is the right course of treatment or the right type of test for you and your individual health needs. The doctor may decide it is best to run an EKG test. Type of test will show if you have any issues with your heart or if you are in the beginning stages or in full stage heart disease. It is very important to have these types of tested in to make sure that your heart is very healthy.

Not only do we just have an EKG machine we have different other ways to test your heart and make sure it is in its peak condition because it is very important that it is. We want to make sure that you know you can come to our doctor with any concerns that have to do with your heart most people do not think we have that specialized equipment that we actually do and we we’ll make sure you get the proper treatment for whatever is going on.

Hopefully by now you have realized that might even met is the perfect place to go no matter what type of health concerns you feel like you are having or that you will need help with. If you are already a customer at Mighty Med you can let us know if you would like to start using our medical concierge service if that is something you are interested in. Give us a call today to set up an appointment and let us know what type of health concerns you are having now or if you would just like to get some more information on our medical concierge.