Massage Greenville NC | We use the best products!

This content was written for MyVivaMed.

We use the best products for your massage Greenville NC Services whether that be for aromatherapy or deep tissue massage. We are passionate about using the best product because we understand that what goes on your skin actually is absorbed by the biggest organ in your body which is your skin. So you absorb a pretty good amount of the product that you were putting on your body which is why we are about the products that we use.

We bring purpose to the table when it comes to the healing that we do because we are not just doing this to roll through the motions. We are very results-oriented and that’s why we will be the health experts that are going to guide you through the process. We will guide you in ways that will help your overall health rather than it just being a relaxing experience. Although massages are very relaxing, they also have extreme health benefits and that’s what our main target is as your massage therapist. Of course we want you to be relaxed as well.

We are capable of bringing extreme results into your life when it comes to relieving the pain that you were experiencing. Some of our patients who have been experiencing chronic pain for years I’ve been able to lessen or even get rid of that pain all together with our massage therapy. They have become members of our concierge approach of Health Care. Meaning that they pay a membership and they get at least one massage per month to stay on top of their health actively. Once they were able to get rid of that pain they were very particular about wanting to do everything they could to prevent it from coming back.

The pain is often caused from scar tissue that has been built up from fascia adhesions which is your connective tissue that surrounds all of your muscles and organs. When you have these adhesions it’s really hard to get the blood flow that you are needing to get. That’s because these adhesions are balls of connective tissue that are all tangled up and up clamping down on your blood supply. So if you’re having a key legs yet you haven’t worked out in a long time, it’s probably because you are struggling to get adequate blood flow to the needed areas of the body.

I know for me personally, when my legs start to ache I know it’s because I need to work out those fascia adhesions. One of the best ways to do this and to do it regularly is to become a member for massage Greenville NC Services through my Viva Med. This is the team that’s going to be extremely ambitious and communicate with you on your progress throughout your journey with them. They are dedicated to building a relationship with you that is professional and long-lasting. Work with a team that’s more passionate and give them a call.

Massage Greenville NC | Drink more water! Seriously!

This content was written for MyVivaMed.

Free looking for the highest standards when it comes to massage Greenville NC Services because you don’t want to risk working with anybody that is not professional? Are you tired of working with people that don’t seem to take it seriously, and this is something that’s really a sensitive subject for you because massages are very personal question mark If you’re looking for a professional team that’s going to treat you with respect yet bring quality to the services they are providing, my Viva Med is who you’re looking for.

We are not here to take advantage of you in any way shape or form. That’s why we offer the most affordable pricing and the first massage with us is only $1. We want what’s best for you and that’s why we offer this low price for your first experience with us, because we are confident that we will be able to provide what you’re looking for. And back we will actually over-deliver what your expectations may have been for us.

Working with us is so agreeable and it’s common sense because you have the opportunity to try out a 1-hour massage with us before you even sign up for a membership or paying full price. You basically have no risk when it comes to working with us. We’re also going to be the team that’s going to look out for your overall health not just the present moment of when you’re in our office. That’s why we are very particular about reminding you several times to drink water.

Drinking water is not just a desire or something that we suggest for you. It’s something that you really need to do and be dedicated to doing if you’re going to have any sort of Massage Therapy done for you. Because when you are having massage therapy done, you’re actually breaking up a lot of metabolic waste and if you don’t flush it out of your body and then I just is released into your body. This could be really toxic for you and could possibly make you sick.

That’s why we don’t play around as your massage Greenville NC experts when we are telling you to drink water before, and after the services. We offer other services at our facility and we would love for you to check this out on our website. Becoming a member with us is going to be one of the best things that you do to invest into your health. That’s because we are entire team of Health experts who are able to bring in sight as well as guidance as your health coaches. We really care about your satisfaction in your experience and Excellence is a standard and way of life for us. You won’t have to sacrifice quality when you work with us, and our five star reviews on Google prove that. So go ahead and get us a call and schedule your first appointment today.