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Here in Greenville North Carolina Viva med offers some of the most thoroughly and outstanding services for massage Greenville NC. We always have a doctor on call for you. And we offer many wonderful concierge care services for our patients. We would like to schedule you a free consultation today so go ahead and give us a call at (252) 329-8482 where we are able to schedule you your free consultation with one of our outstanding doctors. We provide many wonderful services here such as medical memberships, athletics and body sculpting, and massage therapy.

We provide you with the most pleasing and personalized care available any services for massage Greenville NC. Because Dr. Lacroix understands everyone’s situation in life experiences are extremely unique. That is why we have taken the approach to care. Through the art and love a medicine he knows that no to pass are the same. He strives to give PATIENTS a high-quality personalized and thoughtful care experience so that they can experience a peaceful unhurried experience at his health practitioner. He has been board-certified in American Board of internal medicine. Schedule your free consultation by going online to for you can sign up for your free consultation today.

If you are wanting to become and received a medical membership at one of the best massage Greenville NC practices there is you will find that our members get to indulge in many benefits and privileges. We provide your personalized prevention and wellness plan with Julie comprehensive physical such as an EKG physical which helps protect the symptoms of heart attacks in men and women, we will provide a pulmonary function test as well provide advanced lipid testing. We want to enhance your access to our doctors by cell phone 24 seven. Which means you are able to contact him and sinker communication through text messaging receive the same day appointments plus home care.

We can override prior authorization so that we ensure that we are providing the best medication for you. We will assist you in applying for patient assistance programs for provides you with many free samples are discount cards to help you cut out your drug costs. We want to reduce your overall health care expenses while providing you with the highest quality care and medications, including anxiety medication. There many wonderful benefits to using our services here at the best massage Greenville NC practice that we offer. If you’d like to find a height become a member now if you’d like to find out what our membership agreement are, go online to our

We are so excited for you to become a member here at (252) 329-8482, which is why we want to make sure that we provide a membership agreements that you can afford. We not only provide body sculpting, for medical memberships, but we will provide you with as many concierge services humanly possible. We want you to come away from your appointment. This feeling uplifted, enlightened, and healthier. Because why wouldn’t you want to enjoy it responsive high-quality primary care. The best because a call today and we can fill you that previous meetings with Dr. Locroix.

Massage Greenville NC | elevating and enlightening your mind

This content was written for Viva med

If you’re looking for a healthcare wouldn’t you prefer costs Fermi here, as well as enjoying high-quality responses primary care and access to be able to communicate 24 seven with self-service text messaging so that you have personal access your personal physician without having to go into a rushed and extended office visit. We here at (252) 329-8482 the offer some of the best massage therapy services in all of the massage Greenville NC industry. That is because we truly do care about you whether you are wanting to help body sculpt, or if you’re being a break from the day you need to receive massage therapy services.

We make all of our medical memberships available any affordable to you. Because are you able to afford the 20 to 30% yearly increase in your family’s health insurance premiums. Second that a lot of money over time which is why here at these med we not only provide the most outstanding services for massage Greenville NC. So we are able to provide you with round-the-clock care, access your personal physician through text messaging and cell phones, because you deserve no way appointment and your doctors undivided attention. Dr. Lacroix has an important message for employers who don’t offer employee health insurance benefits. You know what the cost of employee health insurance benefits are any defendant in the longer offer them to your valued employees.

This is not only sending amethysts your employees that you don’t value them, but you don’t care about their health insurance need for benefits. Because one bad car accident or a single catastrophic accident can have a negative impact on their life and can easily disabled or bankrupt your valued employee. We want to provide a win-win solution for both employers and employees. Which is why these med is ready to help you overcome financial burden that prevents most employers from providing employees health benefits. The gaining access to comprehensive high-quality medical services through a massage Greenville NC we are able to provide you a direct care model. Not only is our direct remodel primary care less expensive than your average health insurance, offers that personalize responses care.

Now you are able to offer your employees and affordable smart health care benefit. Because only a fraction of your typical insurance plans and we are able not only overdeliver but compete with other health providers in the industry. For as little as $60 a month for individuals or $300 monthly for families you are able to cover 10 or more individuals. If you’d like to find out what special pricing options we can provide to you going to get the call at (252) 329-8482 where we can put you in touch with one of our intellectual and kind service representatives.

We understand that when you trying to find health insurance that only covers you but your family, you are looking for a promise and protection plan down the road. Because when you come to these med for help Dr. Lacroix help them might elevate your mind. You’ll find the most wonderful benefits from working with our insurance company. We offer special pricing and healthcare options and benefits for you to get started today and being able to help protect your family for all of your health needs.