Massage Greenville NC | Could Aroma Therapy be for you?

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You may be needing a massage Greenville NC therapist to determine whether or not aromatherapy could be for you. Luckily for you we have a whole team here that is happy to answer any questions that you may have because oils can help in areas of your brain in the area of emotions. Scientifically this would be referred to as your limbic system which is what plays the biggest role in your emotions as well as your hypothalamus which can respond.

Aromatherapy is away at to activate your brain and nervous system to have a more uplifting experience than what you were currently having. As an introvert who has to put on an extrovert mask everyday this can be an exhausting thing for you. You may work in a high-energy environment that is a challenge for you more on some days than others. A good way to be proactive about maintaining your overall mental and physical health is to take care of your nervous system through aromatherapy. We can help.

A huge part of the success with aromatherapy has to do with your smell receptors in your nose. These are powerful because they actually send personalized messages to your brain. How did they do that you must wonder? They may do it through the nervous system on a direct communication path. Like I mentioned before your limbic system as what plays a major role in your emotions. This is activated by certain oils By having your brain actually generate a chemical that is referred to as the feel-good chemical. It’s known as serotonin and affects different parts of your emotional state as far as a Feeling happy or not.

Aromatherapy and particular is used for different things like easing stress that you may be carrying around in your body. When you carry stress around in your body for an extended. Of time it snowballs into physical pain and discomfort. This could be through the tightening of your chest or could be through the pain that you’re carrying a neck and back. I can also show up as headache or migraines because your body is just trying its best to produce serotonin. Aromatherapy should never be in replacement of medical treatment but working with their team means you get the best of both worlds.

We’re here to help you recharge and boost your emotions and overall State of Mind and Body. By doing this we offer our massage Greenville NC concierge and a membership-based type of Health Care that combines the knowledge from both a primary care doctor and massage therapist to work together for you. That’s not always that you need to take another pill for pain but instead you may just need to recharge and increase your serotonin levels for overall happiness. Is chemicals in your brain will help the brain feel better and can impact your hypothalamus by use of oils. Call us today if you have more questions.

Massage Greenville NC | Improve your sleep!

This content was written for MyVivaMed

There are so many options of ways that you can improve your health and get yourself on a better path to sleeping regularly and consistently. Our massage Greenville NC therapists are here to help you with the knowledge it takes to give you the proper treatment. You’re looking for an auction like aromatherapy or you know that you just need a relaxation massage we are here to help. We want to improve your health conditions whether they be chronic or just current with the season your end. Call us today so we can help you alleviate your symptoms.

I want to help reduce the pain that you are experiencing Weatherby osteoarthritis in your knee or if it is something that is you just rest based like the anxiety you carry in your chest. Both are equally important and affect your overall well-being. Overall well-being include your mental health and your productivity and the world. We want you to be able to be more effective and productive in your life because you deserve to live life to the fullest. One way to do this is to relieve your anxiety and depression. These two little Devils can affect a lot of your life in a negative way.

You are not alone though. Did we know what the disadvantages of two fighting against anxiety and depression because we are the experts and that. It can cause physical pain in your body not just the mindset that some people think that it is. Although it is a mental battle it also has a way of taking over different aspects of your life and your physical. You could be experiencing a really tight chest of anxiety that just won’t go away and you need help. We are here to support you because we truly care about you.

By helping you with methods that we have perfected in our Mastery we can give you solutions that you were looking for. Did you know that improving your sleep patterns is a great way to relieve chronic mental conditions? This alone and combined it with some other aspects are going to optimize your health and overall well-being. Your time is limited so why would you spend so much time in the grind of life and not taking time to improve your quality of it. The body can do some amazing things but when you’re taking better care of it could do even more.

So first and foremost we want to help improve your sleep and that is where we will highly recommend the use of aromatherapy. Our massage Greenville NC specialist are able to more accurately give you a consultation about how we can improve your life through the quality of your sleep. Aromatherapy is not only relaxing but also sends messages to your brain throughout the nervous system just threw at the smell alone. The power of aromatherapy is a pretty wonderful actually. We would love to answer any questions that you have so please call us today.