Greenville NC Massage | Self Love Creates a Happy Body

Here at Viva Med, we are offering amazing Greenville NC massage to completely relax our patients and deliver amazing aromatherapy to clients like you. We are bringing back quality care. We believe that your body is in every way shape and form connected. Massage services can help your overall entire health. That is why we encourage you to seek our services. Your very first session for 30 minutes will only be one dollar. That is an insane deal. Act now exhalation point we provide amazing membership services for all kinds of healthcare. In fact, your membership will cost you less than a cup of coffee. We are 78% less than most healthcare providers. We are members of the American Board of internal medicine, University PC care and care credit. We go above and beyond for clients just like you. We want to provide a better lifestyle for everyone and anyone and that is our mission here at Viva med. The fact is, a little self-love creates a happy body. When you give yourself a little treat in massage services, your body will thank you.

Your Greenville NC massage can actually become a membership. When you purchase a membership with us, you will put a rock in your schedule to making sure that you are able to receive amazing phages and give yourself a little self-love consistently. We provide aromatherapy and hot stone options. We even provide cold stone and topical pain relief. We encourage you to be completely relaxed when you seek our massage services.

We also provide medical memberships. The fact is, insurance premiums are only increasing. When it comes to healthcare services, many employers have look into the cost and realize it is a major expense for employees. This is why you need to contact Viva med. This is a win-win for employees and employers alike. We provide alternative service and a personal physician, Dr. Lacroix to completely look after all of your needs. You will love your affordable healthcare when you contact Viva med. We realize how important it is to have a personal doctor accessing your information anytime. That is what we do here at the med. We understand that when you feel you are getting sick, you need a consultation.

We also provide aesthetics and body sculpting. The fact is, a happy body is a healthy body. A beautiful body is a happy and healthy body. For aesthetics and body sculpting services, contact Viva med. We will help you get well while staying healthy. We go above and beyond for clients just like you. We want to deliver amazing results so that you can receive the body of your dreams while staying as healthy as you possibly can be.

Whether you are seeking Greenville NC massage services, more affordable medical care options, or a healthcare provider helping you achieve your greatest lifestyle, we can help you here at Viva med. We go above and beyond and we want to help you live a happier and healthier lifestyle. Just visit our website at We also encourage you to contact the experts at 252-329-8482.

Greenville NC Massage | You Deserve Amazing Services Too

You deserve amazing services for your relaxation needs. Contact Viva med for an amazing Greenville NC massage that will transform your overall health. We are working to bring back quality care. In fact, we are working to bring back quality care at an affordable rate. Our services are 70% less than competitors. Our memberships are actually less than one coffee a day. You can either have a coffee, or you can have amazing services. We have affordable memberships and great deals. If you are seeking massage, ask about our new special. First I members will receive a 30 minute massage for only one dollar. We are members of the American Board of internal medicine, care credit and University PC. We are committed to exceptional services for clients just like you.

Get your Greenville NC massage today. Our massages are exceptional. You can even purchase a membership for massage. Purchasing a membership will hold you accountable to getting a massage every month. The fact is, you need to treat yourself at least once a month. Probably more than that. But since you’re so busy, once a month will do. Purchase a membership and make sure you receive amazing health benefits from massages at least once a month. Our massages provide aromatherapy, hot stone massages, cold stone massages and even a topical pain relief. For any of your medical needs, we have you covered here at Viva med.

In addition to amazing Greenville NC massage services, we provide amazing memberships in healthcare needs. The fact is, insurance premiums are only continuing to rise year after year. Employers can no longer afford this for their employees. The med is a win-win for employers and employees alike. We provide alternative services and a personal physician, Dr. Lacroix, an amazing and practicing physician committed to giving you the absolute best in healthcare services. He is available to give you a personal assessment for most of your healthcare needs. Never pay rising healthcare services again. We are transforming the way of healthcare at an affordable rate for people just like you.

We even offer body sculpting services and aesthetics. The fact is, people always want a beautiful body. However, people do not realize that a beautiful body is a healthy body. A happy body is beautiful. You want to give your body the most nutrient dense meals and healthcare needs possible. This will help you achieve all of your goals when it comes to healthcare and your body sculpting needs. There is no reason to seek unhealthy habits. We have the expertise and accountability feature when you purchase a membership with us here at Viva med.

We encourage you to visit our website by going to We also invite you to contact our experts by calling 252-329-8482. We go above and beyond for clients and we offer amazing services to completely transform your help. We believe healthcare should be affordable so you can live a longer, happier and overall better life.