Greenville NC Massage | Let’s get you feeling better!

This content was written for MyVivaMed.

We really hate to hear that you’re feeling worn down in the back pain is nagging at you all day long. We want to provide the solution that you’re looking for and we do believe that that would be the Greenville NC massage therapist that we have here. They know exactly how to heal because they can find the source of the pain and then use the knowledge that they have in this science to actually provide relief for you. You don’t have to walk around with that pain forever, so give us a call.

We’re here whenever you calling us because we know how hard it is to continue and that high energy work environment when you are feeling run down. You’re 15 you can turn into other things like grouchiness and depression and overall just not wanting to do anything at all. You’ll find yourself avoiding people because you feel like you are a drag to the party rather than that the life of the party like you used to be. So that’s why it’s important that you take care of this chronic pain because it’s affecting you rather than it just being uncomfortable.

Sometimes people think they getting a massage is only a luxurious experience that is unnecessary and just has a perk in life. While it is a luxurious relaxing experience, it is a person and that your life is more than just in that way. It’s beneficial for your health including your mental health. It can actually help alleviate the symptoms of depression by just giving you a sense of belonging and feeling the affection in a professional way.

Maybe you just moved to this big city and you don’t have your family around for hugs or you don’t have anybody else in your life that is there for you on a regular basis. Did you know that human contact is actually a necessity to live and drive? So if you’re not getting this then that you can actually alleviate your depression by having some sort of affection in your life that doesn’t have to be any sort of weird romantic thing. Just having the massage alone can relieve these depression symptoms because you feel the human touch from those who have been blessed with the ability to heal.

Our Greenville NC massage therapist know how blessed they are to have the gift to heal and they don’t take it lightly. That means that they’re not going to cut Corners in your massage by not giving you what you’re expecting. Instead they are going to give you a consistent experience every time that actually relieve your pain and gives you benefits when you walk out the door. If you’re wanting to boost your energy and possibly even give yourself an intense dose of Happiness, then give us a call because this process is very beneficial. That’s only $1 for your first time, so definitely give us a call now!

Greenville NC Massage | Feel like a One-Hundred Dollar Bill, Not a One-Dollar Bill

This content was written for MyVivaMed.

Would you say that there’s a difference in $100 and $1? Like if you had the choice would you choose to take $100 or would you take to take $1, and what is this have to do with Greenville NC massage? Well there is a difference in these two dollar bills, one is extremely valuable in the other is not. That’s how it is when you work with other companies that don’t seem to actually have professionalism of organization in place. If they don’t have the experience in Tulsa going to be more like the $1 thing.

What’s ironic with this is that our first massage is actually $1. Rather than making you pay $100 for something that you’re not even sure on that would be a little bit selfish on our part. We offer our first massage for you at a dollar because we are confident the services that we provide knowing that you will want to come back to us as opposed to these other organizations.

Another way that this is relevant as we want you to feel more like a $100 bill rather than a $1 bill. While they are both valuable, wouldn’t you rather be the Benjamin? with our services you can go from feeling like one to 101 session. We know the benefits that are able to be provided from this opportunity and we don’t take it lightly. We don’t cut Corners when it comes to giving you the high quality customer service experience that you are coming into us for.

We really value the opportunity to work with you and so that’s why we will treat you as we would someone in her own family. We are confident that we are going to provide a consistent experience for you because we hire like-minded people to work within our organization. We know that people can make her break an organization and that’s why we are very picky about who we hire. We protect our culture very aggressively because we have worked very hard to create a comfortable and safe environment for you to feel respected and also value.

We love working with new patients and that’s why our Greenville NC massage as only $1 for you the first time. Come and check us out because you really don’t have much to lose. I bet that you have that $1 hanging around in your cup holder or in your Center section of your purse. I know that time is a valuable resource, but I know that spending that one hour with us will be beneficial for your future or I wouldn’t have you come do it. We’re very confident that we do because we’re passionate about healing and we’ve been doing this for years. Our experience combined with it the high level of character that we hired to implement our processes as what really sets us apart, so visit our website and give us a call.