Greenville NC Massage | Keeping feelings separate

This content was written for MyVivaMed.

There are days when you’re going to feel like not showing up, but the character really lies and when you pull through when you feel like you don’t have it in you. At least that’s how we feel as your Greenville NC massage therapist. We know that you are depending on us to provide services that can really impact your life in a positive way, so you are depending on us to show up so we do. We hold ourselves to a higher standard here because we are setting the bar high for this industry.

There are days where we don’t feel like coming in either, we totally understand. However we do it want to fight through those times because we are usually proud that we do by the end of the day. However if we are going to be completely negative then we won’t come in and we’ll have your massage covered by someone else. But the point I’m making is that we generally have the willpower and necessary maturity to show up for you when we say that we’re going to. This is called integrity and it is one of our core values.

You deserve to have the strong-willed therapist what is going to be reliable at all times before you when you have scheduled an appointment. It would be really frustrating if you continue into a schedule appointment with someone and they repetitively reschedule because of something personal in their life. That wouldn’t be fair to you and it is not something that you can expect from my Viva Med. We are ready to work and create results for you because we are results-oriented and driven.

Our staff is extremely friendly and will treat you as if you were in our close-knit and circle of friends. We do this because we truly do value you and we respect you on the same level that we would the ones who care about the most. We have the power to heal with the skills that we’ve been given and it is our duty to deliver that to you. I responsibility is to ensure that you get the healing that you and me because we are in entire team of health professionals.

If you want to be supported by an entire community of support with your health Foundation, then my Viva Med is the only option for you with Greenville NC massage services. Of course there are other options out there, but realistically if you really want to have the results you’re looking for, then give us a try. There is a no-brainer reason for you to try and that’s because our first massage is $1 only. For real I mean that, just $1 for you to see what a 1-hour massage experience is like from our team. After that we would love for you to sign up for a membership. Ask us about our pricing and give us a call.

Greenville NC Massage | Having a hard time getting out of bed?

This content was written for MyVivaMed.

Are you having a hard time getting out of bed because you’re experiencing chronic pain and you need a Greenville NC massage therapist I can help you believe that? Are you looking for long-term maintenance that can help you stay on top of your house probably? Are you looking for a company that is not going to give you slacker be dramatic and the waiting room? Are you tired of dealing with other health offices that have grumpy front and stuff? Whatever the case may be, we are the services that you were looking for.

Our organization is built on core values that are designed to serve you. For instance we are on it which means that we are not going to try to have you undergo a service that is not going to be beneficial for you. We operate off of a membership basis which means that you can save up to 78% on your health expenses. We do this because we really don’t like to play the game that insurance companies are playing. We don’t think it is fair until we created a new way of doing things.

By having a membership with us at means that you were going to have a busy Physicians on hand that you are needing and they will be more available. Meaning that you’re not going to have to wait weeks in between an appointment to see your doctor. If you have an issue come up, we are going to get you in as fast as possible because we have a more personalized style of care and placed with our organization.

Also our staff is extremely friendly so that you don’t have to worry about the rudeness that can come from a receptionist that hate their job. One way that we prevent having this Be An Occurrence that you would have is by being super picky in our recruiting process. We only hire people that we would be okay with hanging out with in our own free time. We understand that if we don’t want to be around somebody, neither will you and that would not be good to have them in our office at all. We only welcome Good Vibes and energy.

Where is Hannah when you come into see our Greenville NC Massage therapists probably in some chronic pain and have been carrying around the tension for quite some time. This means that you’re probably pretty irritable and that’s why we go the extra step to make sure we are compassionate and kind for you. We smile and are extremely thankful that you are choosing to work with us. We love what we do because we have the power to heal and are able to help people gain more out of their life. We want you to be able to live your life to the fullest so give us a call and visit our website to do the services that we offer.