Greenville NC Massage | Work Place Craze

This content was written for Viva Med

Today at work one of the girls told me how is that exhausted she was and I asked her if she’d ever gotten a Greenville NC Massage before? She told me she had never had a Greenville NC massage before and I told her we’ll man you are missing out we’ve got to get this fixed. so I told her why don’t you call my Viva Med right now and let them know that you need to come in for a massage appointment well guess what they had an appointment available for her.

When we have this conversation it was a Friday afternoon and we both been at the office for quite some time. I was very anxious to talk to her on Monday and find out what her opinion was I’m getting her massage and if she decided to do anything else. I had told her about how I was going to start doing laser hair removal so I didn’t ever have to worry about shaving anymore. She seems very excited about that too but I know that wasn’t something she was in.

when I saw her on Monday she looks so relaxing refresh I told her man I have never seen you coming to work on Monday morning looking so happy. She said it was all because of the massage she got at might even met she said that she even decided that she was going to start doing Body Sculpting as well. Not only now is she going to be visiting my Viva Med for her massages now she’s going with you and I know that she will love any treatment that she receives from my Viva Med.

then she started asking me about if I knew about Body Sculpting I told her you know honestly but I told her she could tell me about it and that might be something I’d be interested in doing. My Viva Med is going to get really sick of seeing my face walk through their door to get procedures done. I really look forward to my time every week whenever I get to go visit my Viva Med and check out there location.Now I think I’m going to start getting Body Sculpting to because that really seems like something that would help my life out just as much as it helps hers and I truly think it is awesome when you feel about your sense of self-confidence.

I told you I can’t stop telling people about how much I love my Viva Med it’s just so awesome that everyone needs to know about it.Now even some of my other coworkers are learning about the things that we have been getting done at my Viva Med. It is spreading throughout our whole office on how great this business really is. I am really glad that I started during laser hair removal because that has saved me so much time when I’m getting ready. Give me a call if you think they would be able to help you.