Greenville NC Massage | No More Migraines

This content was written for Viva Med

Do you struggle with migraines? So many Americans struggle with migraines on a daily to weekly to even monthly basis. At Greenville NC massage we know that this is an issue that so many of our clients deal with and that they wish they didn’t have to. We wish we could take this struggle away from our clients and one of the ways that we try to help our clients get rid of migraines is to implement massage therapy into their treatment program. this is a great add-on to so many other treatment options that we offer for our clients and we look forward to talking to you about it.

We can give you an option that will not have you taking any extra medication or trying any crazy tactics to get rid of migraine and hopefully prevent them from happening. We will just have you doing something simple and on your own treatment plan whether it is daily massages or it is weekly massages or even twice a month massages. Every person is going to need a different treatment plant based on the type and severity that they have.

If you have mild and less frequent types of migraines it will be usually be the standard treatment to do your massages less if you are just strictly treating the migraines. If you tend to get migraines more frequently and art experiencing longer types of migraines it is usually better to come in and get massages more often that way you take care of the problem before it even starts. Some people take a little bit longer to start seeing results from there massages with their migraine treatment.

Some clients will need other types of treatments to go along with their massage therapy or this will just be an addition on top of what they already are doing to treat their migraine. Migraines can be such a difficult thing for so many people because it can totally stop you from doing the things you need to do on a daily basis. No one wants to have to be stopped in the middle of a task to the they are doing to have to deal with a migraine that is making you want to just curl up in bed and take a nap.

Hopefully you have realized that we at my viva med are always here to help make your life a lot easier. We try to think of everything that you could run into on a daily basis that could cause you problems and help find a solution for it. So many of us have these types of migraines and we want to make sure that you are cared for and make sure that we can try to a treatment that should help reduce your migraines. We look forward to talking to you about how we can improve your life and your day today called you with your migraines.