Greenville NC Massage | Crippling Carpal Tunnel

This content was written for Viva Med

My mom and grandma have always had a very difficult issues with painful hand and fingers. The older they got the more they looked into what could be causing all of this pain in their hands and fingers and they realize that they had carpal tunnel. one of the best ones really that they have found for their carpal tunnel has been massaged and Greenville NC massage has really taken care of him. I am so happy that they have found someone they trust like Greenville NC massage to take care of him and their carpal tunnel.

I now start to think about what could be the chance of me getting carpal tunnel as I age and I am looking for ways to prevent that in making sure that I don’t end up with it as well. I have started to ask more questions about whenever they started to feel like they were getting the symptoms of carpal tunnel and I am trying to be as preventative as possible and make sure that I don’t end up with the same situation. It is very frustrating to have pain in your hands and your fingers because those are something you use on a daily basis without even realizing it.

Your hands in your fingers are definitely something you take for granted because you use them so often and you don’t even think of all the things that they do for you. If you didn’t have your hands and fingers functioning at full capacity and you would really get to relax all of the things that you need them for. And it is really not fun whenever you know you need to use them but all you do is feel pain whenever you’re trying to use your hands and fingers and it can even go down into your wrist.

It is honestly really crazy that our hands and wrists can be able to heard that bad just from repetitive motion. I really hope that I am never have to experience the carpal tunnel pain that my mom and grandma I felt over the years. I will now begin to start getting massage therapy on my hands wrists and fingers so that I never have to hopefully endure the same pain. The greatest thing about the massage therapy is it is really improve the quality of life and feeling that my mom and grandma have with their carpal tunnel symptoms.

I truly hope that if anyone else has carpal tunnel in experiences such painful symptoms that they will look into massage therapy and that they will start getting treatment immediately. I definitely can tell a difference in the pain level that my mom and grandma feel when it comes to their carpal tunnel now that they have started getting massage therapy to help treat it. It has been such a great thing for them and their pain that I cannot say enough good things about it.