Greenville NC Massage | We love to help!

This content was written for MyVivaMed.

Our passion here at my Viva Med is to provide extreme results for our clients so that they can feel better. We love to help and that’s why are Greenville NC massages such a wonderful option for you. We go above and beyond to make sure that our customer service is going to be top-notch for you because it’s not something that we’re willing to cut corners on. We could be the most talented therapist in the world but be difficult to work with and that would mean that your life would actually be more complicated than working with us.

But that’s not the case when you work with us, instead of you were going to work with the team that’s going to go above and beyond for you to over deliver what your expectations are. This isn’t just something that you may experience every now and then, but instead is a consistent mindset and focus for us. We really take what we do seriously because we have the opportunity to heal and to improve lives. Being able to improve lives in such a powerful way as important to us and we value this opportunity.

We try to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible throughout the entire process and communication is one of the best ways that we ensure that this is happening. It’s our pressure is too much then we are constantly going to be checking with you, well not constantly to where it’s annoying, but enough to where we are checking in with you throughout your massage to make sure you are comfortable. We also are going to listen to any other special requests that you may have or conditions that do you need to work around.

Every person is a unique situation and we don’t just assume that one service is going to be perfect for everybody. A perks to working with us is that we offer a monthly membership that gives you the better pricing or and familiarity with the community. So after you’ve come a few times then it’s possible that you will be completely comfortable and it would be so routine that will just settle right in. However, even your first experience is comfortable because we ensure that we do everything we can proactively to create the best experience for you.

our skill when it comes to Greenville NC massage therapy is unmatched out there in this industry because we are always improving our services. We do this by listening to your active feedback so that we can improve how we are approaching situations. We have been listening to positive and even negative criticism throughout our time and building this organization, and it’s why we are so wonderful today. We truly listen to what your concerns are and we find solutions for them as soon as possible. You’ll love working with a team that’s compassionate and concerned with your overall health, so give us a call.

Greenville NC Massage | You’re not alone anymore!

This content was written for MyVivaMed.

Are you tired of fighting with your insurance company and you need Greenville NC massage services available to you? We offer a membership basis with our clients because we want to be sure that you are able to access the services you need for more affordable price. Working with us as your primary care physician as well as massage therapist is going to help save at you up to 78% on your health costs and expenses.Check out our website to see the services we offer!

Our website is packed with information for you to see the different types of services that we offer and areas that would specialize in. We have a specialist in those areas who are experts in this field. We are able to help whether it is a primary care physician appointment that you need to have or if you were needing a massage. Our entire team is working together to create a better health experience for you.

We also don’t play with insurance companies in the games that they want to play. Often times insurance companies have more Authority than your actual doctor does and saying what you need in regards to your health. that’s part of the reason that we created our concierge and membership basis with our clients is so that we can cut the health cost but also create a more luxurious experience for you. You will reduce your wait time because we are a more personalized and unique experience that doesn’t exist really anywhere else so far. You’ll love working with our team because they’re extremely compassionate and more centered around focusing on you.

We aren’t just trying to rush patients in and out of our office like other Primary Care Facilities would possibly do to you. If you also won’t have to mess with going to urgent care because we are able to get you into the office pretty quickly without you having to wait weeks to see your doctor. We have structured our entire organization like this so that it is more friendly for you as a consumer and patient. We really want to provide the best services to you in a way that is more available to you as well.

We understand that you have a busy schedule and scheduling Greenville NC massage services might seem a little bit overwhelming, but rest assured. We are the team that’s going to communicate with you and bend and flex so that we can create a consistent and routine basis with you so that we can stay on top of your overall health. Massages are not just designed it to relax you in the moment that you’re having them, but instead they also offer health benefits for you even when you walk out the door. That’s as long as you drink your water likely suggest that you do, because we are here to support you and optimize your health.