Greenville NC Massage | Why You’ll Enjoy Our Massages?

Are you ready to save money when it comes to getting a really great massage? You’ll be glad to know that at Viva Med, we can make it happen for you. We give you the opportunity to get a 30 minute massage for only one dollar. It’s absolutely fantastic! This is a $35 value that is a huge discount for you because you only get a for one dollar. So don’t hesitate to give us a call at (252) 329-8482 or visit to find people that are ready to serve you when it comes to Greenville NC massage.

After a long day of work and a stressful day at work, maybe it’s time for you to consider getting a massage. We understand life can be busy and is filled with so many responsibilities us by so get to get a massage you relax and just face today refreshed. If you’re ready to just stays life again with confidence and filling like your worries have been massage the way, we want to help make it happen for you.

To find Greenville NC massage start with us today. We have incredible pricing for you. After you try our incredible massage for just one dollar, you have the opportunity to get a membership which is one hour each month. This is really great because any unused mice can be redeemed for up to six months. So maybe you’re out of town or you simply are busy and you cannot make it, don’t worry about our team is still wanting to serve you and see you in the future. You can use that 60 Minutes at a later date.

It’s not often that you get to find a therapy business that is able to provide you with massage memberships but we believe in the power of relaxation and simply being able to get refreshed. So if you’re looking for a team of people that really want provide you with exceptional services really want to help you get refreshed you’ll find with us. Now you may want to add want your massage, no worries. You’ll be able to add hot stones which is under $20 or you can even add cold stones which is under $20 as well. Sometimes you just need to take some me time. That means getting away and getting a massage. Many people think massage therapy is a luxury but it actually isn’t. It has so many benefits to get a massage. So if you’re looking to just heal your body relax your sore muscles, this can be perfect for you.

And maybe you want some tropical pain relief, you’ll be able to get a service as well. We have membership services and we have known membership services. To this is really great because it provides you with that flexibility and gives you the freedom to choose what plans works best for you. So when it comes to Greenville NC massage start with us today. To find Greenville NC Massage with us today to get amazing results. Give us a call today at (252) 329-8482 or visit

Greenville NC Massage | Feeling Stressed Out? We Can Help!

Relaxing your muscles really is possible. At Viva Med, we want to help you relax your muscles with our massage therapy. You’ll be able to enjoy your first session for just one dollar. It’s truly amazing because all you have to do is just pay one dollar for 30 minutes. So is absolutely fantastic and is worth the investment. So don’t settle for less, choose to go with the best. Choosing what people that really want to help you get amazing results to help you overcome any challenges that you are facing. What you know that you can trust us independent us for a really great results. So give us a call today Greenville NC massage. We look forward to connecting with you.

We care about people that we serve. One way that we show that we care is that we make sure we offer them a membership because sometimes you need to get a massage every month for one hour. This is really great because the service is available for you and if you’re not able to make it to the session within that time, simply can reschedule and redeem it for up to six months. So if you’re out of town are looking to go on a business trip you simply can’t make it to our massage place to get a great massage therapy, no problem, we want provide you with incredible results deal.

Many people think that a massage is a luxury. In a simply think they possibly cannot afford massage therapy. Actually it is affordable with us. We have so many add-ons that you can get as well. Maybe you’re looking to get some hot stones to relax your muscles even more and to experience a very soothing time of quiet is in just relaxation. Massage every can do wonders for you.

Is also good if you find yourself needing to relax some sore muscles. Relaxing sore muscles is possible. We provide you with the opportunity to get just that. Our staff is absolutely incredible and we want to know that you can come to us for wisdom and knowledge of people that are ready to serve you the right way. We go over and above to provide you with incredible results when you need it most. To find Greenville NC Massage, start with us today!

You also be glad to know that we care. Caring about your sports injuries and helping you recover in a great way through massage therapy is possibvle with us. Relaxing those muscles and then helping to massage it can allow you to recover quicker for many injury that you may have. So if you find yourself playing sports, you’ll find that our massages are very beneficial for that. If I can go on our website just check out our incredible list of massages that we do have available such as Swedish massage, deep tissue massage is so much more. To find Greenville NC Massage, start with us today!