Greenville NC Massage | Faithful to core values

This content was written for MyVivaMed.

How important is honesty to you? Are you looking for a Greenville NC massage therapist that will be Dependable because you want to be having at least one massage for a month? Are you tired of working with other massage therapist is don’t seem to have the knowledge and I think that massaging someone is literally just rubbing your hands on them? Do you want someone that actually has a background with the science and understanding of the healing process? My Viva Med is here for you and we are dedicated to core values.

We are enthusiastic about honesty here. We think that it is better to have the more difficult conversation openly rather than to assume or to hide any details. That’s why we are very upfront about our services and the pricing structure. There is no surprise there is no catch. With your first massage it’s only $1 so that you can have an idea of who we are and what we are about before you make an emotional or financial commitment.

After your first massage that is only $1, you will be able to sign up for a membership. This membership is extremely beneficial because it is a way for you to proactively practice self-care and maintaining over a. Of time. For instance without a membership you get one one hour massage per month for $60 a month. Any additional services are massages that you would want on top of that are offered to you at membership pricing which is discounted from the full price. We are enthusiastic to offer this for you because we want to empower you with Better Health.

When it comes to Technique we are open to make sure that you are comfortable throughout the massage. If something is uncomfortable or unbearable like if you’re having a deep tissue massage, just let us know so that we can adjust our pressure. What are you had a Swedish massage or a deep tissue massage the pressure and technique is going to be different for both. We also specialize in aromatherapy which can be extremely beneficial for helping manage depression and anxiety. It’s pretty cool how the literal Aroma of certain oils can do that for you.

We have so many services that we offer for our Greenville NC massage services. We’re sensitive to what your needs are and are going to be extremely respectful of what you were wanting. You’re happiness is important to us and instead we want to create joy that comes from within so that you can go back into the world fully ready to dominate. You may have those that you’re wanting to tackle but chronic pain is keeping you back, why wouldn’t you just go ahead and become a member and stay on top of working out those Kinks that are weighing you down? We are motivated to help you so give us a call.

Greenville NC Massage | Skills and compassion go a long way!

This content was written for MyVivaMed.

Looking for a Greenville NC massage therapist that is going to energize you and help you get back on your feet? Are you looking for a company that is going to be polite overall and you won’t have to deal with any sort of front office Drama? By this I mean that we all have dealt with those receptionist or front end people who are just very evidently hating their jobs? And they usually transfer that energy over to you which is super annoying.

When you work with us you’re not going to have to worry about the snooty receptionist that doesn’t seem to want to do her job. Instead we have created a culture that only welcomes in people who are ready to work and can still have a good time in the process. However work comes first for us because we know that the services you were paying us for need to be delivered to you at the highest quality. That’s why we dedicate ourselves.

Or very picky about who we hire because skill and compassion can go a long way. If you have skill but you weren’t compassion about what you do then it is literally useless for you and those around you. Hope you have the passion to implement the skills that you have to benefit others around you than this can be a really positive thing for not only you but the community as well. That’s exactly what we are creating with my Viva Med. We recruit like-minded individuals so that we can have the culture that we envisioned.

The culture we envision is one that will make you feel like you are realistically able to stay on top of your health without having to deal with any chaos in the process. We are looking to make your life simpler and easier and that’s why we have refined our processes to serve you. Friends since we follow up with our patients and we are not hard to communicate with our schedule with. And that we are easier to schedule with and you won’t have to wait as long to see your primary physician when you are a member with us because that’s why we created a membership basis.

Our membership basis weather be with Greenville NC massage services or for your primary care doctor have been set up so that you can have a more personalized and faster responding care that you deserve. We are loyal to you because this is logical when it comes to building a relationship with you for years to come. We are professionals who will treat you with respect and are enthusiastic to help and heal. Let us Empower you and check out our website to see the several services that we offer. If you have any questions just ask we are here, so give us a call.