Greenville NC Massage | Just What I Needed

This content was written for Viva Med

I I get so frustrated when I’m sick because all I want to do is lay in bed and if I can’t even find a doctor to make me well then I’m going to want to do is lay in bed. I have been going to my Viva Med for a long time and it for the longest time I didn’t realize that I could also go see them as my family care doctor. Greenville NC Massage was the answer to all of my prayers. Once I called Greenville NC Massage I knew I did not have to worry anymore.

It has been such a blessing knowing that I can call my Viva Med and set up an appointment anytime I need even if it’s just for a massage. This weekend has been a very long you can and there have been many turns of events that have made me really really tired. My back has been hurting in my shoulders and I had not gotten any good rest. I really feel grouchy in Gross whenever I haven’t gotten any sleep because it just makes me feel like a slug.

I kind of also feel like a sloth right now because my energy level is so low because of not getting any sleep. Not getting any sleep really messes with your head if it is not a good thing to have happened to you. I cannot wait to go in and get my massage and really start getting some good sleep again because this is not very fun without sleep. I also think I need to go buy a new mattress and that will help with my comfort level when I am trying to sleep.

A new mattress should really help with the amount of sleep I am getting at night and it really helps if my ceiling fan is going at the same time too so I can actually sleep. I may be weird that I really like to sleep in a cold room or at least where I can hear a fan or some sort of white noise. I cannot sleep when it is warm because I do not like getting sweaty when I am trying to sleep and it’s just not very fun. I am really looking forward to this new mattress and getting that great night sleep and being nice and cold.

I should probably also go buy some new pajamas and new blankets for my bed. I really could use some new socks to cook because my feet really tend to get cold at night. Maybe I need to have them look into my poor circulation at my Viva Med and figure out if there’s anything they can do for my bad circulation. I really could wear a blanket around all day long because I am always so cold. If you really think that you have all these same issues then you should give my Viva medical today and let them know what they can do for you and see if they can set you up with a massage appointment as well.