For cosmetics Greenville NC, look no further than the viva med. We are a full-service medical facility with a primary care physician on-site who is ready and willing to assist with all of your medical needs. We also offer a vast array of aesthetic services. We have ample healthcare provisions as well so all of your healthcare journey needs and desires will be met when you work with us. You can find us online or give us a call and we can answer any of your questions that you have. You can also find us on social media.

If you’re looking for a cosmetically enhancing facelift, we’ve got a nonsurgical one that we can offer. We also have things such as facials, massages, microdermabrasion, and more. We have the ability to schedule you for a vascular’s appointment. This is where we can target the pesky hemoglobin in your blood vessels which will then release spider veins from your legs and face. If you are in need of feminine health assistance, we can help with a treatment called Votiva. There we can assist in the rejuvenation and replenishment of your feminine organ so as to return sensitivity and enjoyment to your intimate moments. Cosmetically these services are top-of-the-line and you will not go wrong with the book with us.

When searching for cosmetics Greenville NC, you may not think of a medically managed weight loss program as a cosmetic situation, however when you are wanting to look and feel your best the very first thing people think about is your weight. Cosmetics does not have to mean makeup and covering on your face. It simply can mean the cosmetic appearance of your body this includes tightening your skin, brightening your face, weight loss and management, and even IV infusion that will help to re-punish and rejuvenate you from the inside. All these are services that we offer to our patients.

When you are a patient with us, we offer a member-based type of situation where you can receive a discount on our services and the use that will allow you certain types of privileges. For instance, if you would like a membership for massage therapy, you can pay $60 a month and receive a 60-minute massage per month. You can then that role the message over should you not use it one month and want to use it another. If you are a new client you can visit us for a 30-minute massage that will only cost you one whole dollar!

We are the absolute best in cosmetics Greenville NC and you will see that not only do we offer the best in ascetic services that we offer the best medical services as well are on staff primary care physician is top-of-the-line and he cares about his patients as if they were his own family. Give us a call at 252-329-8482, or visit our website at and schedule your free consultation for any of our services so that you can get started on your new you, new year, healthy and happy journey.

Cosmetics Greenville Nc | Why Diy When We Can Help?

If you are looking for the best in the industry and Cosmetics Greenville Nc, then you need to call viva med. We will give you the absolute best inpatient treatment as well as provide you with any of our ascetic services that you may want. You can call for a free consultation or visit our website and look at all of the services that we offer you and how we can assist in your healthcare journey. The health of all of our patients is of the utmost importance to us and we want to assist in any way that we can.

There is no reason to ever go on the healthcare path alone. We are here to assist you in any way possible. Often times it is hard to figure out what you want for yourself and how to ask go about starting. That’s where we come to give us a call and we will schedule you a free consultation for any of our services, as well as a free consultation for our primary care physician. He can assist you in figuring out where it is that you were at healthwise and what it is you can do to improve the health and happiness of you. You can also give you advice on which of our services may benefit you best.

Here at viva med, we have the facilities and the resources to ensure that you have the most positive and beneficial experience with visiting a medical spa facility. We want you to fee252-329-8482.l as relaxed and rejuvenated as possible when visiting our massage therapy service. We also offer add-ons for that such as aromatherapy, hot stones, stone, and topical pain relief. If you are a member of our business, then you can pay $60 a month and get a 60-minute massage/each month. If you are not a member, then you can visit us up for your first time and pay one whole dollar for a 30-minute massage. We feel confident in our services and want you to experience what using the most excellent med facility is like.

If you are looking for Cosmetics Greenville Nc services such as skin tightening facelifts, then we also have the services for you. Cosmetic treatment is not always just simply slapping some foundation on your face. It also means taking care of your entire body and the cosmetic overall look of who you are. We have every service you can think of to assist in making sure that the look of you is exactly what you wanted to be. But at the foremost of all of it is that we want you to be healthy. Health is not just physical it is also mental. As long as you are mentally happy then we believe you will have a healthier and longer life. We can assist with all of this including making sure that you are healthy and all aspects of your life.

You will absolutely want to call us at viva med for any of your cosmetics Greenville NC services. You will not find anyone better than us, and if you do visit someone else, then you will come running back to us in wishing at Yusuf in the first place. We care for you and we want you to be happy and healthy. Give us a call at 252-329-8482. Or visit our website at