Biomedical Hormone Greenville NC | What are they?

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Do you feel like you’re not quite yourself and you’re wondering what the shift is caused from? You think this is possible you might need biomedical hormone Greenville NC therapy that can help you get back to feeling like your joyful self? Are you tired of not being able to explain why you are feeling fatigued and irritable? You know that it’s probably not just depression but depression can be a symptom of something bigger? Finding the answers that you need is essential for you to live the life you want to the fullest. We are here to help educate you on remedies that could be potentially life-changing for you.

It’s more common than you think for people to experience different levels of hormones in their body. It could be possible that you have too much of one hormone and not enough of another, or your hormones are low in general and you’re needing supplementation. That’s what biomedical are, they are man-made hormones that have been produced to mimic the effects of the natural hormones in the human body. That’s why they’re used as treatment for so many patients because a lot of times the hormones are they actual root of the issue. We hate to see that so many people are misdiagnosed with depression and anxiety when really they just need the hormones to be leveled out. For instance we know of a patient that has been diagnosed with depression when really she just had pmdd and needed hormone supplementation.

Pmdd is basically like PMS on steroids. It is so hard for someone to navigate through these emotional roller coasters that come with the fluctuation of hormones throughout their monthly cycle. Oftentimes these patients experience extreme highs and extreme lows because of the Whiplash that comes from not having a steady balance of hormones. this is confusing not only for the patient that is experiencing yet within their own body, but also confusing for any of the relationships that they have. This could be their relationships at work or even their friendships that they’ve had for life.

Unfortunately being diagnosed with the wrong condition is harmful to the patient. This is the truth because they are simply just masking a symptom rather than treating the condition in the body. That’s not what we’re here to do because we truly care about you and want to make sure that we are properly diagnose and you. That’s why we will take a step further to look into your hormone levels. This is often the best place to start because of hormones affect the rest of the body in ways that you couldn’t imagine.

We Are passionate about finding the proper treatment for you and sometimes this means the biomedical hormone Greenville NC therapy that can truly make a difference. It’s our mission to properly diagnose you and not Overlook the fact that hormones can be the cause of your depression rather than they’re being a malfunction or some sort of chemical imbalance in your brain. The difference between treating with hormones and treating with antidepressants is one is treating the hormones and one is treating the chemical balance in your body. I would love to answer any questions or call us today.

Biomedical Hormone Greenville NC | Don’t be misdiagnosed.

This content was written for MyVivaMed.

Do you feel like your doctor isn’t really listening to you and keeps misdiagnosing you? As it’s frustrating because you think that you possibly need biomedical hormone Greenville NC therapy that can really treat the problem? Have you been doing research online and have it realize that a lot of the symptoms of depression or actually it stemmed from imbalance of hormones? Both men and women deal with it and it is completely normal, but unfortunately as often misdiagnosed. We are here to accurately give you the care that you deserve so give us a call.

Can you work with us you’re going to work with the friendliest staff that you have previous to us. That’s because we are very concerned with what your needs maybe and are willing to go the extra mile to meet them. That’s because we take the extra concern and have the empathy required to truly connect with you and get to the root of your condition. We’re not here to treat symptoms but instead are here to treat conditions that are causing the symptoms. Possibly you were just experiencing side effects from having a hormone imbalance in your body. Yeah this is when symptoms really start to kick in.

The FDA has not approved process called compounding that s used to create these treatments. Meaning that you can go pick up an oral tablet from your Pharmacy that is going to help level out your hormones. Of course you need to take these medications every day for them to be consistent in your life. Bouncing around with this is not healthy on your body so if this is the route that you decide to go then you need to make sure to build a routine that will reflect consistency. I only say this because we truly want you to get the full effect of it be hormone balance and if you’re not being true to your routine then this can really affect your results. We’re here to help. New pair.

However there are forms of Pre-generated formulas of estradiol and progesterone which mimic the structure of molecules that are generated and donatra hormones in the body. This process has been approved by the FDA and is and more reliable source of this treatment. However we don’t knock the compounding process because this is when a doctor basically makes a specific recipe for a patient. It just isn’t as generic and across the boards of the other pre-generated formulas also when you go through the FDA you know that you’re getting medications that have the same amount of hormones across the board in our consistent.

It’s going to be a little bit confusing but our doctors are happy to treat you properly for biomedical hormone Greenville NC so that you can get the treatment that you need to feel better. You’ll realize that a lot of your life changes for the better by not having to deal with the fatigue, maybe not being is irritable, and regulating your menstrual can discuss with your doctor at our facility about which method will be the best way to administer this therapy. We are going to do what is going to be best for you and give you the education necessary to help you make the decision. Visit our website to schedule your first consultation.