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This content was written for MyVivaMed.

Is finding the correct massage Greenville NC therapy team becoming a necessity rather than just a once for you? Are you tired of carrying around all the pain and you know that a massage would really help get the blood flowing properly to heal your muscles? I’m sure you’re probably aware that you carry oxygen and other nutrients in your blood into every part of your body. That’s why this blood flow is extremely important to your overall health and our purpose is to kill you while also relaxing you.

The first massage with us is only $1 because we really work on building a relationship with a customer. This relationship starts with trust because you don’t have to really invest much emotionally or financially to experience how wonderful we are. We do this because we are productive and we’re confident in the services that we provide because you are more than just a transaction us. We care about your well-being as a whole and that’s why the first massage is no risk for you.

That $1 will get you one hour of relaxing and experience that you were looking for. You also find that working with us is extremely easy because we’re looking to make your life easier. We do this by being the most organize stop that you can count on to be Dependable because they actually care about you. Oftentimes businesses have terrible customer service representative that really don’t know how to be personable and problem-solvers. We simply just hire people like that on our team, and it’s one slips through the cracks then they are not here for very long.

The reason they wouldn’t last year very long as because we are very upbeat and productive environment that wants to do what’s best for you. If we have someone in our office that isn’t able to think critically to provide the results if you’re looking for, then they truly don’t know customer service. Since we have extremely high standards, that’s simply just doesn’t fly in our environment and we are clear about that up front. We hire passionate individuals who are skilled in their craft but also had the integrity and character that you would hope to have what’s the whole purpose that you were coming for us.

If you’ve been looking for massage Greenville NC services that is going to be making your life harmonious rather than chaotic, then maybe the med is who you’re looking for. We are ambitious and we show up with Percocet every job because we have the inside of how to heal our knowledge combined with our skill and our character is what sets us apart from anyone else. It’s common sense to work with us because that first massage is only $1 which means there is little risk actually, no risk involved for you to try this out. so go ahead and pick up the phone and schedule that first appointment and you’ll see why you will love us.

Massage Greenville NC | Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

This content was written for MyVivaMed.

Are you wondering how you can be more prepared for your massage Greenville NC service and you want to be the most prepared possible? Have you ever experienced the massage before or, maybe you haven’t and that’s why you’re curious about what ways you could best prepare yourself? Well for starters working with us is going to be the best because we are entire team of health professionals that really care about your results.

The results are we’re going for is that you are not only relax but also get some sort of healing when it comes to your connective tissue which is called your faccia. Your Sasha is actually related to your house as a whole because it’s the connective tissue that is around all of your muscles and organs. Sometimes this web-like structure Tangled us and cause adhesion what you may know is like not and tense hot spots. These Adhesions are not only annoying, but they actually affect your health.

Our experts know that it affects your health because they are educated when it comes to this field of science. All of our customers matter to us and so we do everything that we can to provide knowledge and inside while also not complicating it for you. We want to make your life easier and give you the results if you’re looking for, but sometimes it’s best to be on the same page with communication so that we know that we are striving for the same thing which is healing. Read everyone’s reviews on Google’s and you’ll see why we are so trusted with so many of our clients.

We Are expressive about our still when it comes to helping you work out the Kinks and not known as adhesions with your fashion tissue. It’s a necessity for you to work out these Kinks and flush them out of your body. The best way to flush them out in the best way that you can be prepared it is to be hydrating heavily before your massage and afterward. This is really important and it is not just a want or something that we suggest, but it is something that we would require you to do if we could legally do that.

We’re so particular about you hydrating before and after your Massage Greenville NC services because we don’t want to break up that toxic metabolic waste for you to just leave it in your body. It can only flush out properly if you are well hydrated, like more than usual. If you’re the type of person to only drink like 1-3 glasses of water a day, you might want to bump up to 5-10 glasses the day before, day of, and day after. You’ll feel so much better after you get all of that junk flushed out of your body! So give us a call and schedule your first $1 massage!