Greenville NC Massage | Sprained Ankle Ailments

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Have you ever had a bad sprained ankle before? Most of us have experienced something like this in our life and didn’t exactly know how to handle it. It can almost be as painful as a break but if it is just a sprain there’s not really much they can do. What is the best solutions that you can do for your sprained ankle is massage therapy from Greenville NC massage. Greenville NC massage has really helped me deal with my latest sprained ankle injury and I and starting to really feel better.

Whenever I sprained my ankle I was trying to climb over something and it happened to slip out from underneath me and I landed on my ankle and heard such a loud pop that I knew for sure it was broken. I have never felt such intense pain in my life all in one area which was on my ankle on the outside of my foot. It was so unbelievably excruciating I thought I have just snapped my foot in half. I rushed straight to the doctor and they did some X-rays and I was very convinced it would be broken.

Once I got the x-rays back I found out it was not a break it was a very bad sprained my ankle which they said Can Hurt just as bad if not more than a break. Pretty much all they could do for this intense sprain was to put me in a brace and tell me not to put a lot of weight on it. The only other thing I could do was elevated and hope that the swelling went down soon so I could actually wear some normal shoes. I was mistaken whenever I thought I would be able to return to normal activity sooner than a break.

This at sprained ankle ended up causing a lot more pain than I ever thought it would. I ended up having to wear the brace for a month-and-a-half and I could barely put on any of the shoes that I wore before. My job also required me at the time to stand on my feet all day long and that was not very good for someone who had hurt their ankle really badly. It was very difficult to try to stand on my ankle all day long without it getting completely swollen up like a balloon.

After enough time had passed and I thought second goal should have been healed I would just be so frustrated by the end of the day by how big my ankle was. I started looking into what other kind of Remedies I could do for my ankle and make it stop swelling and hurting so bad. I came across massage therapy and that was the answer to my problem. After receiving massage therapy on my end goal for a few weeks my ankle began to feel normal again and I was so very happy for that.